Roselle dental emergency

Roselle Dental Emergency

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Dental trauma in Roselle

Roselle dental emergency
Roselle dental emergency

Sometimes severe pain or an injury to the teeth or somewhere within the mouth happens in the middle of the night or when the dentist’s office is closed. Luckily, our North Broad Family Dental, provides emergency dental care whenever a patient needs it. Our practice always has an on-call clinical staff member available to answer a patient’s Roselle dental emergency to provide advice and emergency treatment if necessary.

Our dentist will do everything possible to make sure that the patient receives treatment as soon as possible; this also includes those patients that have a Roselle dental emergency during office hours. Emergencies always come first, even when we have to rearrange some regularly scheduled appointments to treat an emergency. A dental emergency can be triggered by a number of conditions and situations, the most common include broken or cracked tooth or teeth, broken jaw, a permanent tooth that has been knocked out, a object stuck between the teeth that causes severe discomfort, and severe pain. Often dental emergencies are the result of accidents and sudden injuries such as a blow to the jaw, fall or a car accident. Other emergencies are the result of decay in a tooth or its roots, periodontal disease, an abscess, an impacted tooth or a disease of the jaw.

During a Roselle dental emergency visit our dentist has two primary goals. The first is to stop the pain if there is any and the second is to preserve the tooth or teeth involved. Preserving the teeth can include restoring broken or cracked teeth or trying to restore a tooth that has been knocked out. Treating an abscess or performing an endodontic treatment may also be necessary to relieve pain and restore the tooth. Sometimes our doctor will treat the emergency after hours and perform the full restorative services the next day when the pain has subsided. If you have an emergency please call our office.

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