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Oral Sedation in Elizabeth NJ

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Oral Sedation Dentistry in Elizabeth NJ

Oral Sedation in Elizabeth NJ
Oral Sedation in Elizabeth NJ

There is no reason for anxiety, worry, or fear to hinder your ability to achieve and maintain a high level of dental wellness. With our oral sedation in Elizabeth NJ, you have options that will suit your specific circumstance and put you at ease, allowing you to have the dental work that you need without any of the negative emotions that may have kept you from coming in. That’s just a part of our overall commitment to you, our valued patient, here at North Broad Family Dental.

Choose from either nitrous oxide sedation or I.V. sedation. This is not general anesthesia as you would experience in a hospital under a standard surgical setting. No, it’s the type in which you will be aware, but unaffected by the difficulties that you would normally feel if you were not under the influence of our oral sedation in Elizabeth NJ. The best way to equate it is that it’s like having two glasses of wine (or for children, two tablespoons of Benadryl). This gives our dentist 45 to 60 minutes to do what is necessary for your teeth. With nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas, you remain fully conscious as you inhale through a mask that is placed over your mouth and nose. The typical reaction is that of being completely relaxed, comfortable, and warm. For most patients, this will be the best method to use. However, I.V sedation might be needed if you have particularly strong anxiety toward dentistry or a phobia. We understand that such reactions are not easy to deal with and cannot be overcome with will power. And that’s why we offer this as part of our oral sedation in Elizabeth NJ. You will be monitored the entire time and the process is completely safe.

You should never consider using a dentist who does not take your concerns seriously. Here at our dental office, we are committed to your utmost comfort and in meeting your needs fully. Let us keep you feeling at ease so that we can keep your teeth strong and healthy.

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