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Oral Sedation in Elizabeth NJ

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Oral sedation dentistry in Elizabeth NJ

Oral sedation in Elizabeth NJ
Oral sedation in Elizabeth NJ

For various reasons, you may be able to benefit from our oral sedation in Elizabeth NJ. The most common is anxiety or fear at the thought of having dental work done. But others include not being able to sit still and the very practical strategy of approaching the necessity for having many teeth worked on during one visit. At North Broad Family Dental, we want all of our valued patients to get the dental care that they need, and that’s why we offer sedation. Nervousness of this sort is not something that can be easily controlled, and you should not be made to feel at fault in any way for how you feel. And with us, you never will.

Our oral sedation in Elizabeth NJ can be done either with nitrous oxide or intravenously (I.V.). With nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, you will stay awake throughout. The gas is inhaled through a mask and it produces a feeling of calmness, relaxation, and warmth. It is 100% safe and a popular choice. If your nervousness is mild to moderate, nitrous oxide will typically be sufficient to address your needs. But if your emotional reaction is more severe, you may be better suited to I.V. sedation. The effect of it is similar to that of two glasses of wine. You will remain aware. This is not like general anesthesia, where you would be completely under. The good news, though, is that you will be unbothered by your anxiety while your dental treatment is being administered. And because our dentist has extensive experience in providing intravenous sedation, you can feel totally at ease. It is completely safe and you will be monitored continuously throughout.

With the help of our oral sedation in Elizabeth NJ, you will not need to be concerned about the effects of stress when you come to our office. Please call us and schedule an appointment.

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