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Early Childhood Cavities in Elizabeth

Kids love sugar, and who can blame them? The bad news is that when it comes to the integrity of his or her teeth, sugar leads to dental decay, which then results in early childhood cavities. Here at North Broad Family Dental, we want you to know how to prevent your child from getting cavities to the greatest extent possible.

From the time that her or his first baby teeth start to erupt, it’s important to maintain the regular assistance of our Elizabeth pediatric dentist as a partner in the prevention of dental decay. While those baby teeth are temporary and will fall out within just a few short years, it’s essential that they stay in until that time. There is a very delicate schedule by which baby teeth are lost and then new adult teeth grow in. Anything that interferes with that schedule may result in other teeth shifting, creating a blockage, either partially or completely, of the new teeth. That’s a set of complications that you and our Elizabeth pediatric dentist would rather avoid. The best strategy for doing so begins with good nutrition, limited sugar (and starch) in his or her diet. Dental plaque develops from sugar and starch and it erodes your child’s tooth enamel. That’s why brushing of teeth should be done first thing each morning, last thing before bed, and after meals. Flossing is a once per day task, preferably at bedtime. And you should also bring your child in for an oral examination, x-rays, and a teeth cleaning every six months. This allows for early detection and filling of existing cavities, along with the eradication of tartar buildup from plaque that wasn’t removed. Regular tartar elimination reduces the chances of future cavities.

When it come to battling dental decay and cavities, there is nothing better than being proactive. Call our office to schedule an appointment with our Elizabeth pediatric dentist.

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