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Are you concerned about the care you need to stop dental decay from causing further harm to your smile? Cavities are a fairly common oral health problem, but if left untreated they can actually dig deep below the surface of your teeth to spread painful infections that will require minor oral surgery to correct. No cavity should be left untreated for longer than is absolutely necessary. If you are concerned about the look of your dental fillings, the latest advances in cosmetic dentistry may hold the answers you are looking for. For dental fillings that can make your smile as healthy as it is beautiful, simply visit your neighborhood Elizabeth dental office at the North Broad Family Dental to find out how white dental fillings can work for you.

Cavities 07208
Cavities 07208

Cavities can occur on any tooth in your smile where dental decay is present. While most cavities occur on the surface of the molars, or the teeth in the very rear of our jaws, often times cavities can also occur on the teeth in the front of our smiles as well, which pose a unique problem for treatment. Fortunately, you can find the perfect fit for cavities on the teeth which you see everyday thanks to new and advanced cosmetic dental fillings. These tooth-colored dental fillings are completely metal-free, and are available in different materials and styles which are both and budget-friendly. Composite resin fillings are applied as a paste which is then shaped, hardened with a special light, and then polished to perfectly filling your cavities, while brightening your smile. These fillings are the most affordable white filling, and are the perfect fit for the teeth in the front of your smile, as they put out the least amount of bite force. For teeth which do more work for proper and healthy chewing, our doctors at your professional Elizabeth dental office can utilize advanced porcelain fillings. Porcelain dental fillings are one of the strongest dental fillings in use today, and can be used in multiple regions of the smile. Many patients are even able to replace their traditional metal fillings with porcelain dental fillings for a more attractive and often times healthier choice for oral health care.

Without proper care cavities can cause infected or abscessed teeth, which require advanced methods of care and even extraction in rare cases. To insure that cavities do not cause any further harm to your smile, be sure to visit your neighborhood Elizabeth dental office at the first sign of pain. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at the offices of the North Broad Family Dental have been proudly serving your local community for over thirty years. With white fillings from the North Broad Family Dental your smile can be a picture of perfect health.

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